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Products and Services

Large Format Printing

While intelligently crafted designs and campaigns deliver strong marketing messages to your audience, very few printed collateral can outshine a LARGE sign. Flying Colours’ large format printing services offers an incredible selection of gigantic printing options that will satisfy a massive appetite for unmatched exposure and brand projection. 

Consider the following Large Format Printing options:

• Promotional displays

• Posters

• Signs

• Banners

• Photographs

• Technical drawings

• Trade show booth graphics

In addition, Flying Colours also offer a varied selection of paper, vinyl, canvas and cloth to meet your needs. Our value added options also include:

• All forms of protective coatings such as lamination and UV coatings

• Foam Mounting and assembly

• Stretching and Framing

Book and Document Printing

Coupled with our diverse binding options, our short run digital printing solutions provide you and your business with a one stop shop for all your book printing requirements. Whether you are producing manuals, corporate literature, brochures or reports, we have what you’re looking for. Flying Colours offers the following options to choose from:

• Books and Booklet Printing

• Training manuals

• Maintenance manuals

• Brochures and Catalogs

• Annual Reports

• Inventory and Pricing books

• Directories

• Manuscripts

• University Thesis’s

Architectural Printing

We understand the architectural and contracting business environment. That’s why all our stores are fitted with the latest technology and software to help turn around your business needs. Flying Colours offer specialized digital printing services for the engineering, architectural and contracting industry professionals and businesses. We can print from any graphic file format including AutoCad files or scan from your original drawings and renderings.

Posters, Banners and Signs

Posters, banners and signs are used by everyone, everywhere. Our team of talented designers can help shape and design your requirements into eye catching displays that will show off your latest offers or simply help brighten up a room. These displays are used by an array of different customers, including:

• Educational Institutions

• Government Offices

• Retail Outlets and Restaurants

• Real Estate Companies and Agents

• Health Institutions and Doctors

• Lawyers

• Business Corporations and Companies

• Hotels

Our state of the art machinery and software can help develop and create and endless line of the sharpest and most crisp images on any material whether it is in black and white or colour. You can customize your messaging on a varied selection of materials, papers, canvases and make a choice to mount, laminate, die cut or all of the above. We will even deliver and help assemble or hang the finished product if you so wish.

Get in touch with Flying Colours today and let us help you make a big impression.

Copying and Scanning

All Flying Colours outlets are equipped with the latest technology to help meet your business objectives offering both traditional and advanced copying and scanning services. Our high speed copying and scanning services can help alleviate you or your staff from the hassle and wasted minutes spent at your office copy machine and help you work more efficiently with time to spare. We can deliver copies that are both clean and crisp combined with quality finishing and binding solutions for any of your manuals, presentations, hard bound documents, pamphlets etc. Drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll make sure to have all your documents scanned, printed and bound and back at your office in no time. Our copying and scanning services include:

• Black and White Copying and Scanning

• Colour Copying and Scanning

• Large and Small format Copying, Scanning and Printing (up to A0 size)

Flying Colours also offers archiving and back up services for those offices and business trying to make the leap to a greener office environment. Our superfast scanning and copy services will scan, organize and back up your files, documents, contracts etc. helping you work more efficiently with significantly less physical waste. To set up an appointment with one of our account handlers or to inquire about this or any of our other services, simply fill out this form or contact us.

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing is a digital printing technique that allows you to create mass customization rather than mass production of a single message. It has redefined the digital printing environment by allowing you to reach maximum exposure where your limits are only set by the size of your database. Direct marketing has been revolutionized by Variable Data Printing as its core is based on one to one marketing or personalized marketing.

Our customers have seen the impact Variable Data Printing has had on their bottom line and their ROI and have used this service to personalize marketing communications to:

• Upsell their current products

• Incentivize new clients with upgraded offers and services

• Maintain constant communication with their loyalty program customers

• Keep their brands and products top of mind

Today’s business owners and managers understand the need to create a relationship with their end user and provide a higher level of customer service. Variable Data Printing can do that.

With very basic information such as a name and mailing address, you can extend your brand and marketing reach to its maximum potential and more. By customizing the messages, offers and communications with your customers and potential clients, you are elevating your brand and its offerings by speaking directly to each individual you are marketing to. 


Legal Printing and Copying Services

Confidentiality is our most important quality we can assure you that our legal copying and printing jobs and projects are handled with the utmost care and integrity. Our close attention to detail and professional document management sets us apart from our competitors and helps us maintain long lasting relationships with some of the region’s most respectable law firms. Our Legal Printing and Copying Services include:

• Colour and Black and White Copying and Scanning

• Document segmentation and binding

• Official Stamp creation 

• Envelope instilling and mailing options

• Document scanning and backups to hard drives and/or disks

The staff at Flying Colours has been trained and is accustomed to the requirements of attorneys and legal firms alike and will do what they can to meet the requirements set by our many partners. 

Offset Printing

Our printing expertise is not limited by our state of the art digital printing technology. At Flying Colours, you can expect the same unmatched quality from our offset printing. We are not restricted by any size or dimension and will continuously strive to make sure the job is flawless from start to finish. 

The benefits of offset printing are clear: 

• Cleaner, Sharper images on a really big scale

• The more you order, the lower the price gets

• More consistent image quality

Once the printing is complete, some jobs require finishing and binding touches like varnishes and UV printing before they are bound and delivered. All of these services and more are available at Flying Colours.


Here at Flying Colours, we don’t only sell a product, we sell an image. Printing is only half the story. Once your documents are printed, our superior binding solutions give your documents the professional and sophisticated look they need, no matter what the content.

Our staff will help you pick out the Finishing and Binding option that best suit your timeline, objective and wallet.

Our Finishing options include:

• Hole punching

• Stapling

• Tab insertions

• Collating

• Drilling

• Folding

• Mounting

• Laminating

Our Binding Options include:

• Wire Binding (Suitable for documents and presentations)

• Plastic Comb Binding (Suitable for documents and presentations)

• Thermal Binding 

• Saddle Stitching (Perfectly suited for multipage brochures)

• VIP Hard Case Binding (Suitable for University Thesis projects, this makes the final product look like a hard back book)

• Three Ring Binding

• Perforation

Our finishing and binding options are endless. Contact us today for a quotation.

Creative Design and Branding

In today’s competitive market, setting yourself apart from the competition not only relies on the services and products you are offering, but on the way you are perceived. Brand awareness and identity are key if you plan on making ripples and expanding your reach. That’s why at Flying Colours, we make it a point to ensure we have the right mix of talent to help you achieve your branding needs.

Our team of highly skilled designers at Flying Colours can help create your brand, improve on your current one or help you communicate it better across your printed collateral. With years of multinational advertising agency credentials, our designers can provide you with the right insight and advice on how to perfect your printed marketing materials. Briefing them with your values and expectations will help unleash their creative juices to create a look and feel you would not have thought possible – offering you advertising agency quality for extremely affordable prices.

They will help you incorporate your branding into your business communications and help you achieve the look and feel that’s right for you. The Flying Colours creative branding team will help:

• Create a brand identity and logo

• Design brochures, invites, catalogues, sales support material

• Source images 

• Provide creative designs from scratch

• Assist with photography and rendering projects

• Photoshop and alter existing images

Your brand is the foundation of every communication you employ and will help you obtain, retain and reactivate new and existing customers.

Let Flying Colours help set you apart from the competition. Contact us today or email us now.